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The Sheikh of Kish Island in the Persian Gulf hosts visiting adventure travellersThe Fascinating World of Cultural Diversity

Do you know where cultural norms and values come from? When
you travel to far-flung places on our Planet, do you wonder why
the locals dress, eat, live, or behave the way they do? This video
opens your mind to the fascinating dimensions of culture around
the world and helps you fathom the native perspective.

You will see how different cultural groups have handled recurring
societal problems by creating accepted norms, modes of behavior,
and social interaction. For instance, you'll discover that in virtually
all cultures a man prefers to marry a woman who is younger than
he is, whereas cultural attitudes toward animals as pets or symbols
vary widely from culture to culture.
Rubber chicken, plastic noodles: food-replica displays at restaurants make choosing easier.Learning to Survive as a Foreign Consumer in Japan

Can an English speaker living in Japan survive when she or he cannot speak or read Japanese? Professor Thomas E Muller went through this experience while living for two years in Osaka, Japan! How did he manage to shop, commute, eat out, and handle daily tasks in this fabled but alien culture?

Being illiterate in Japan and unable to decipher any of the three Japanese writing systems---kanji, hiragana, and katakana---requires learning and using consumer strategies in order to function effectively when shopping, traveling by train, banking, renting an apartment, decoding restaurant menus, ordering local dishes, and finding one's way around Japan's second largest city.

Watch this video to see how it can be done whenever you visit a radically different culture and want to adapt to the challenges. Learning this way enriches your adventure travel experience.