Mimicking naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough's documentary film pose at Fortuna Bay, on South Georgia
Your adventure travel guide for getting to know your Earth

About Tom Muller
At age 50, I stand on the
summit of Mt. KilimanjaroTHOMAS E. MULLER was raised in a multicultural environment and became fluent in six languages, and able to read nine. Born in Africa, to Czech parents, and educated in Kenya, Iran, Britain & Canada, he has lived in eight countries on five continents.

It was this exposure that made Tom realize how precious little of their own planet humans have experienced---its citizens and lands, its cultural diversity, and the amazing variety of its physical features and natural environments. He decided to do something about it. His message, via this website, became: Find a way to fully experience your Earth. Get to know the only planet you will ever inhabit.

He has experienced 370 of the 875 countries, overseas territories, island groups, and political divisions listed on the website: www.MostTraveledPeople.com . On this website, he is ranked as Australia's 4th most traveled person. He was also the runner up in the 2008 Get Up & Go Award for Australia's Most Adventurous Traveller.
Telling students about Antarctica at a
primary school in the Czech RepublicNow in his fourth career, Tom writes for travel magazines
whose readers are primarily seniors and post-World War II Baby
Boomers approaching retirement. When he's not in Australia
writing, he is somewhere far from home, learning about a new
place on the Planet and capturing his impressions for a travel
memoir or lecturing on the fascinating world of cultural diversity.
When possible, Tom tries to visit schools during his travels to
give the local children a picture of what the Earth offers them.

Following his training in experimental cognitive psychology and
mathematical statistics, he became a professor of economic
psychology for 25 years in Canada, Australia, and Japan.
Climbing alone during off season,
I scale Japan's Mt. FujiHis Ph.D. is from the University of British Columbia, and his Masters
degree from Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver, Canada. He
devoted his academic career to the study of consumer behavior and
has written several college textbooks and 80 research articles appearing
in scientific journals and edited books. Interviews about his research on
the Baby Boomer generations of Canada, the United States and Australia
have aired on Canadian and Australian network television and radio,
and were reported in many newspaper and magazine write-ups.
My GPS receiver determines that the Equator
actually lies 800 meters further north of the
official Equator monument near Quito, EcuadorCited for excellence in teaching on several occasions throughout his university career, Tom taught at the University of British Columbia, Concordia University, the University of Guelph, and McMaster University. In Australia, he was the Professor and Foundation Chair in Marketing at Griffith University and, in Japan, Professor of Economic Psychology, at Hagoromo University of International Studies.

Tom took early retirement from academia to devote more time to his passion for adventure travel in the Earth's remotest and least accessible regions---the geographic North Pole, Arctic Ocean, Siberia, Sakhalin Island, Kamchatka Peninsula and the Bering Sea, Franz Josef Land, northern Alaska, Canada's Far North and Ellesmere Island, Northern Greenland, the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia/UAE, Lake Aral, the Southern Ocean, the Ross Sea section of Antarctica, Australia's and New Zealand's sub-Antarctic islands, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula.
Son, Tommi's "Rainbow Lionfish" exhibited
at his Australian school's annual art showTom never lost his childhood passion for astronomy
and often seizes opportunities to observe precisely
predictable celestial events.
His other passion is observing the behaviors and
customs of different national cultures. His preferred
physical environments are mountains, deserts and
coral reefs, thus he is keen on hiking, scaling
dormant volcanoes, and scuba diving.
He is married to a Japanese nurse and they have a
20-year-old son, born in Australia. Tom's home is
the City of Gold Coast in southeast Queensland.
Tom's Canadian daughter is a lawyer practising in
Vancouver, British Columbia and specializing in
information privacy.