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Research Articles Published From

DR. THOMAS E. MULLER'S studies of

* The travel psychology of Baby Boomers
and Seniors, and

* Tourism during the retirement years

Giant reclining Buddha in
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)The post-World War II generation known as Baby Boomers is a
multi-national birth cohort totaling roughly 88 million, within the
populations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United
States (I call this group of four the CANZUS nations). The birth
years of this generation vary slightly among the four nations, so
the definitions of Baby Boomers I have used in my studies are as
follows: born in the United States, between 1946 and 1964 (75
million); born in Canada, between 1946 and 1966 (8 million);
born in Australia, between 1945 and 1963 (4 million); and born
in New Zealand, between 1945 and 1963 (1 million).

For a website dedicated to the Baby Boomers of New Zealand
and Australia (BONZA, for short) visit:
Giant reclining scuba diver
Sipadan Island, MalaysiaListed, below, are my published studies of the post-war Baby Boomers, as
well as my published research on seniors and retirees. The articles appear
in various scholarly journals and books. In general, I have used the looser
definition of seniors as people aged 50-plus. Many of the older group of
seniors are the parents of the post-war Baby Boomers.

I have listed the articles under four topic headings:

• Tourism Among Baby Boomers

• Tourism Among Seniors and Retirees

• Value & Lifestyle Changes Among Baby Boomers

• Studies of Retirement Patterns of Seniors

To help you track down an article, I have included, where possible, the
journal's ISSN number or the book's ISBN. If you have trouble obtaining a
specific article, please contact me to get a copy of it.
Adventurers hike to McMurdo Station
in Antarctica, the continent's largest
scientific base.Tourism Among Baby Boomers

Cleaver, Megan, & Muller, Thomas E. (2002). The socially aware Baby
Boomer: Gaining a lifestyle-based understanding of the new wave of
Journal of Sustainable Tourism [ISSN 0966-9582], Vol. 10,
No. 3, 173-190.

Cleaver, Megan, & Muller, Thomas E. (2001). Aging Baby Boomers and
the desire to travel: How early-Boomers differ from late-Boomers.
Paula M. Tidwell & Thomas E. Muller (Eds.), Asia Pacific Advances in
Consumer Research
, Volume 4 (pp. 199-204). Valdosta, Georgia,
U.S.A.: Association for Consumer Research [ISBN 0-915552-45-0].
Giant reclining mud bather
inside Totumo mud volcano
near Cartagena, ColombiaMuller, Thomas E. (2001). How ecotourism marketers can target Baby Boomers. Proceedings of the Ecotourism Association of Australia 1999 National Conference (pp. 91-97). The conference webpage for this paper is at:

Muller, Thomas E., & Cleaver, Megan (2000). Targeting the CANZUS Baby Boomer explorer and adventurer segments. Journal of Vacation Marketing [ISSN 1356-7667], Vol. 6, No. 2, 154-169.

Cleaver, Megan, Green, B. Christine, & Muller, Thomas E. (2000). Using consumer behavior research to understand the Baby Boomer tourist. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research [ISSN 1096-3480], Vol. 24(2), 274-287.

Muller, Thomas E. (1995). The coming boom in educational travel: Why North America's maturing Baby Boomers will expand their world. In James Archibald & Louis Jolin (Eds.), Téoros No 7: Educational Tourism and the Needs of Older Adults: Proceedings of the Third Global Classroom Conference (pp. 14-20). Montreal: Éditions Téoros, Université du Québec a Montréal.
Polar bear swimmer at North PoleTourism Among Seniors and Retirees

Cleaver Sellick, Megan, & Muller, Thomas E. (2004). Tourism for the young-old and old-old. In Tej Vir Singh (Ed.), New horizons in tourism: Strange experiences and stranger practices (pp. 163-180). Wallingford, Oxfordshire, U.K.: CABI Publishing [ISBN 0-85199-863-1].

Cleaver, Megan, & Muller, Thomas E. (2002). I want to pretend I'm eleven years younger: Subjective age and seniors' motives for vacation travel. Social Indicators Research [ISSN 0303-8300], Vol. 60, Nos. 1-3, 227-241.

Muller, Thomas E., & O'Cass, Aron (2001). Targeting the young at heart: Seeing senior vacationers the way they see themselves. Journal of Vacation Marketing [ISSN 1356-7667], Vol. 7, No. 4, 285-301.
At the border between Oman
and United Arab EmiratesAstic, Gaël, & Muller, Thomas E. (1999). Delighting the senior tourist. Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior, Volume 12, 71-80 [ISBN 0-922279-12-8].

Cleaver, Megan, Muller, Thomas E., Ruys, Hein F.M., & Wei, Sherrie (1999). Tourism product development for the senior market, based on travel-motive research. Tourism Recreation Research [ISSN 0250-8281], Vol. 24, No. 1, 5-11.

Cleaver, Megan, & Muller, Thomas E. (1998). Testing the theoretical link between cognitive age and travel motives: A new way to segment the Australasian senior tourism market? Proceedings of the ANZMAC '98 Conference. Dunedin, New Zealand: Australian New Zealand Marketing Academy.

Muller, Thomas E., & Strickland, Cornelia D. (1995). Educational and adventure tourism for older adults: Assessing the potential. In Horace Sogar & Ian Weber (Eds.), Proceedings of the Third Biennial Marketing Educators and Researchers International Conference (pp. 656-664), Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Photographing at Godafoss
Falls in IcelandValue & Lifestyle Changes Among Baby Boomers

Digance, Justine, & Muller, Thomas E. (1999). Australia's Baby Boomers: The challenges of their spiritual journey. In K. Cochrane (Conference convenor), Proceedings of the Spirituality, Leadership & Management 1998 Conference (pp. 79-89). Richmond, NSW, Australia: University of Sydney, Orange Agricultural College.

Muller, Thomas E. (1997). The benevolent society: Value and lifestyle changes among middle-aged Baby Boomers. In Lynn R. Kahle & Larry Chiagouris (Eds.), Values, lifestyles and psychographics (Advertising and Consumer Psychology Series, Society for Consumer Psychology) (pp. 299-316). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates [ISBN 0-8058-1496-5].
Riverboat passenger transport
in Kuching, Sarawak, MalaysiaMuller, Thomas E., & Woodcock, Norman (1997). Tracking the values of ageing Baby Boomers: Will middle age be making a difference? Australasian Journal of Market Research, Vol. 5, No. 1, 33-48.

Muller, Thomas E., & Woodcock, N. (1996). Tracking the values of ageing Baby Boomers: Will middle age be making a difference? Proceedings of the 25th National Conference: The Market Research Society of Australia and Market Research Society of New Zealand (pp. 1-18). North Sydney, New South Wales: Market Research Society of Australia.

Muller, Thomas E. (1996). Baby Boomer lifestyle segments and the imminence of eight trends. New Zealand Journal of Business [ISSN 0110-9596], Vol. 18. No. 2, 1-24.
Poultry stall at Kuching
Sunday Market, SarawakMuller, Thomas E. (1994). Chapter One: The Dynamics of
Consumer Behaviour
(pp. 12-32). In Gurprit S. Kindra, Michel
Laroche, & Thomas E. Muller, Consumer behaviour: The
Canadian perspective (second edition)
. Toronto: Nelson
Canada [ISBN 0-17-604147-8]. The French translation of this
chapter is available in Carole P. Duhaime, Gurprit S. Kindra,
Michel Laroche, & Thomas E. Muller (1996). Le comportement
du consommateur, 2e édition
(pp. 13-32). Montréal: Gaëtan
Morin Éditeur ltée [ISBN 2-89105-621-3].

Muller, Thomas E., Kahle, Lynn R., & Chéron, Emmanuel J.
(1992). Value trends and demand forecasts for Canada's
aging Baby Boomers.
Canadian Journal of Administrative
[ISSN 0825-0383], 9 (4), 294-304.
Cemetery in Barrow, Alaska with satellite
dishes pointing low toward southern horizonMuller, Thomas E. (1990). Forecasting Baby-Boomer demand for recreational products. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada--Marketing Division, 11, 218-227.

Muller, Thomas E. (1989). Canada's ageing population and projected changes in value orientations and the demand for urban services. The Service Industries Journal [ISSN 0264-2069], 9, 4 (October), 14-28.
"Active Discoverers" returning
from a month in the AntarcticStudies of Retirement Patterns of Seniors

Cleaver, Megan, & Muller, Thomas E. (2002). Redefining retirement:
Getting ready for the Active Discoverers.
Collected papers of the
2001 National Conference of the Retirement Village Association of
. Noosa, Queensland, Australia:

Poole, Margo, & Muller, Thomas E. (2001). Seniors in cyberspace.
In Paula M. Tidwell & Thomas E. Muller (Eds.), Asia Pacific
Advances in Consumer Research, Volume 4
(pp. 193-198).
Valdosta, Georgia, U.S.A.: Association for Consumer Research
[ISBN 0-915552-45-0].