Inside Balcarka limestone cave, Moravian Karst, Czech Republic
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Parades like this are common
in the streets of HavanaA Cuban Odyssey

A Cuban Odyssey (1598k)
Adelie penguins strut along beach on Inexpressible IslandThe Icy Embrace of Sister Antarctica

Antarctica Ross Sea (1568k)
Male Steller sea lion and his harem of femalesRussia's Outback: Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Siberia

Russia Far East (1502k)
The Birth of Venus, by Sandro BotticelliCatching a Heavenly Goddess

Catching the Goddess (1650k)
Road sign in Greeley, NebraskaThe Central States: America's Fly-Over Territory

Tornado Territory (1701k)
Giant groundsels (Senecio kilimanjari)
are unique to Kilimanjaro's moorland
at 4,000 meters altitudeTo the Summit of Kilimanjaro

African Dawn (3051k)
The mayor of Kangiqsujjuaq, Nunavik, Northern QuebecInto a Land That Never Thaws

Canada's Far North (1700k)
Co-canyoneer Laura McKiernan descends down the 100-foot waterfall near Merida, VenezuelaVenezuelan Adventure

Canyoning in Venezuela (1519k)
Red-footed booby, Espanola Island, GalapagosGalapagos: The Enchanted Isles

Galapagos Islands (1720k)
Moldova's Orheiul Vechi cave monastery
carved into a limestone cliff by 13th
century Orthodox monksRediscovering Eastern Europe's

Forgotten Lands

Forgotten Lands of Eastern Europe (2787k)
Native of Listvyanka on Lake Baikal, SiberiaCrossing the Largest Country by Rail

Across Russia by Train (3269k)
Route of the seven-continent journey in 80 days--by air, ship, car and trainAround the Seven Continents in 80 Days

Seven Continents in 80 Days (3200k)
Polar bear at the edge of survival,
its future mirrored in the melting
polar ice cap of the Arctic OceanKnifing Through Ice to Reach the North Pole

Journey to the geographic North Pole (2690k)