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Nomad Mania website, established in 2011, is an international forum for about 14,000 registered users (aged between 13 and 70+) who have joined to record their travels and share their travel experiences with other members. Nomad Mania lets users post their traveller's profile and travel history, then generates a world map of the places visited, and ranks travellers by various visit criteria.

Membership is free and open to anyone with the spirit of adventure travel. Nomad Mania divides the world into 27 mega-regions and subsequently into 1281 regions to be visited, dividing countries by considering their territory, geography, and their populations or ethnic divisions. To be well travelled, one must visit the unique regions of a country, regardless of its size. Besides regions, Nomad Mania includes well-researched lists on more advanced aspects of travel, e.g. cities, museums, festivals, castles, palaces, forts, and sights.

Most medium-sized countries are divided into three parts which reflect geographic or ethnic elements within them. Larger countries are divided by their existing administrative divisions. The partitioning aims to offer travellers interesting things to see and do, thus raising their knowledge of the globe. Nomad Mania is unique, in that very well travelled members (500-plus places visited) are subject to verification of their claims. Many traveller websites lack this system of catching cheats who claim to have experienced a destination, but lack the proof or bend the truth---thereby defeating the essence and purpose of travel.
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Most Traveled People is the website for avid and extreme travelers dedicated to visiting every country and territory in the world. Certainly it is a very dynamic and active site. Membership is free and open to anyone. You visit the site, sign up by listing your travel history, and instantly you know how you rank in the world as a well-traveled person. Currently, MTP has 12,200 active users from 143 countries, although membership is somewhat skewed toward users based in the United States. Users can also check how they rank among travelers from their own country (rankings, by home base). MTP has developed a list of 875 countries, territories, autonomous regions, enclaves, geographically separated island groups, and major states and provinces to be visited. But this list has shortcomings because some countries are not broken up into unique regions or divisions, despite their huge size, while other much smaller countries are. The site is for the competitive, goal-oriented traveler who aims purely for geographic coverage by political or territorial identity.
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Travelers' Century Club (TCC). Anyone who has visited 100 or more of the places included in their official list of 325 "countries and territories" is eligible to join the club. There is a joining fee and an annual membership fee. The more than 2,000 members, worldwide, of this travel circle, established in 1954 and based in Los Angeles, are mostly American globe trotters. TCC members meet at club chapters in several cities throughout the United States, and a few in Canada and Europe to share travel stories and give presentations on places visited. Members are honored when they reach different levels of countries visited: 150 (Silver), 200 (Gold), 250 (Platinum) and 300 (Diamond). TCC does not verify a person's travel history, relying instead on an honor system of truthful reporting. The club does recognize that even an airport transfer, a plane fuel stop, or a port-of-call qualifies as a visit. Given the TCC's official motto is "World Travel. . .The Passport to Peace Through Understanding," it's hard to see how an airport transit at a foreign location promotes global understanding.
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The VirtualTourist site bills itself as “The people behind the places.” It has 1.3 million registered members from around the world. Membership is free and you can create a map of where you have been and what’s left for you to visit, by inputting all your travel history. The site encourages members (under a pen name) to post travel tips and reviews of the places, hotels, restaurants and transport modes they have experienced. Members planning a trip can also post questions about a specific destination and hope other members with good information will reply with useful advice. But many of the unedited travel tips are somewhat amateurish evaluations and advice---the sort of shallow reports one tends to get when relying on non-expert sources for travel information.
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International Travel News
is based in Sacramento, California and this independent magazine is published every month and mailed out to paid-up subscribers. There is a cheaper Online Edition as well. ITN is a forum for travelers to destinations outside the United States. It is targeted at high-frequency overseas travelers and independent adventurers. The 80 pages per printed issue are chock-full of word-of-mouth travel reports and accounts from subscribers---travelers’ own experiences, evaluations and tips---as well as up-to-date travel news, advisories and offerings advertised by tour operators not affiliated with ITN. All submissions from travelers are edited for clarity and accuracy, so the published articles are quite useful and complete.
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Wanderlust Travel Magazine
is based in the UK and is aimed at "people with a passion for travel." Subscribers receive 10 issues per year (monthly, except for Dec/Jan and July/Aug) and can send the magazine their travel tips, letters, photos and exploits. The magazine runs travel photo competitions, features advice on taking better travel photos, evaluates travel gear such as first aid kits and, via their month-by-month calendar, alerts travelers to events like regional festivals, national celebrations, wildlife migrations, and new adventure opportunities. There's also a section called "Ask the Experts."

Both print and digital subscriptions to Wanderlust are available.

I quote from their website: Some call it the ultimate travel bible, others love it for the incredible photography, while Bill Bryson declared: "There simply isn't a better magazine for the serious traveller." Offering a unique mix of inspiration and practical advice, this is the ultimate magazine for independent-minded, curious travellers.
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This is Peter Greenberg’s site. He is a travel journalist who bills himself as America’s preeminent expert on travel. His site contains huge amounts of travel tips, travel news, and travel ideas. The site covers everything from destination safety and safe travel, to the friendliest countries and the most corrupt countries, as well as the least and most expensive cities or your rights as an air traveler.