Marching in regional costume at the annual grape harvest parade, in Velke Pavlovice, Moravia, Czech Republic
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Tom Muller
P.O. Box 905
Runaway Bay, Queensland 4216
The Bohdalice Elementary SchoolThe Bohdalice Elementary School
in the village of Bohdalice, Moravia
in the Czech Republic. This historic
chateau was once the residence of
my great-grandfather, Ernst Christian
von Manner. In 1805, Russian Czar
Alexander I overnighted here as a
guest of the von Manners, on his
way to fight Napoleon at the Battle
of Austerlitz.
I answer questions after
my talk on AntarcticaTaking questions from students,
following my PowerPoint presentation
on Antarctica at the Bohdalice
Elementary School.
I was pleasantly surprised by
the perceptive questions from
these young studentsThese students want to know
more about Antarctica.
The Year 4 Class of 2007, at
Moravske Prusy Elementary
School, Czech RepublicI visit today's students at the elementary school my
father, Bohuslav Muller, attended, between 1908
and 1912, in the village of Moravske Prusy, Czech
Republic. That was 110 years ago!

My teaching instincts leading the way, I gave these
children a show-and-tell presentation on the unique
animals of Australia. Later, Aussie-born son, Tommi
(center, in red jacket), gave them a smart outdoor
demonstration on how to throw a boomerang. The
Aussie props and souvenirs we had used for the
presentation were donated to the school.
These students had never
before seen a boomerangStudents watch a demonstration
of the boomerang throw.
Philip Park Beach, Gold Coast, AustraliaPhilip Park Beach. Our
family's favorite surfing
beach, at home in Gold
Coast, Australia.